PIDS Academy

About Us

Our Institute

Pakistan Institute of Digital Skills (PIDS) was launched in 2019 with the vision to bridge the gap between our education system and skills needed in the professional market. In this digital age, it is convenient for every individual to access online platforms to learn new tools and skills to grow and learn skills of the future.

Every course, training and workshop offered in PIDS is taught by skilled and expert instructors with the right knowledge and experience in the respective field. We strongly believe that hands-on experience and practical knowledge are the key factors for skills development. Digital Skills are now mandatory for all professionals to be more efficient and productive in their work environment.

Our institute offers both online and physical courses, training and workshops. Our skill development offerings are not limited to our facility and online platform. We have our university and corporate chapters linking and enabling our offerings to every single individual willing to learn new skills .  We have affiliations and collaborations with overseas training schools, institutes, universities, organizations and online platforms to offer relevant training for our local students and professionals.

Our Team

Mustafa Minhas
Chancellor &
Sufwan Gondal
Vice Chancellor &
Saad Hamid
Sadaf Sufwan
Managing Director &
Fasih ur Rehman
Program Manager
M Faheem
Manager Administration
M Waqar
Manager Marketing
Zeeshan Shafquat

Our Instructors

Creative Consultant &
Sidra Jalil
Community Builder Founder InspirMill
Sikandar Usman
Stock Expert
Talha Azhar
Community Developer Founder Ideas Foundation
Aine Fatima
Digital Marketing Expert
Nida Salman
Communication Designer &
Branding Specialist
Waleem Alam
Visual Aesthetics Expert Founder SVA
Dua Syed
Community Developer Founder Ideas Foundation